Three Inquiries For Crane Rental Companies

If you're busy running a small construction company, it is natural that you would avoid the cost of buying and maintaining certain expensive equipment that you don't use for every job. However, as your company starts to expand, you might want to rent different pieces of equipment to provide greater service to your clients. If you're interested in renting cranes for work periodically, it's vital that you ask questions that will help you to save some money and ensure that you are getting what you need to complete your projects. Use the three questions here as a guide when negotiating with crane service companies about rentals.

Are Your Rentals "Bare"?

If you don't have someone on your staff with the proper credentials, you'll need to look for rental companies that don't only offer so-called "bare" rentals, which are rentals of only the cranes themselves. You have to ensure that the service will send a credentialed operator to the site ready to get the job done.

Do You Offer a Consultation On the Work Site?

To avoid delays and problems, it might be best to have a representative from the crane rental company come to your work site to help you assess what kind of crane would be suitable. Of particular note should be the load limit of the crane you'll be renting. Each type of crane has a load limit that should be kept in mind when you or your employees load it. If not obeyed, the crane itself could become damaged or the load could be dropped, leading to possible injuries and other property damage. You may not be quite sure what load limit you'll require for your project, which is why guidance from the rental company's representative can be helpful.

Do You Charge for Clearing the Area?

Be aware of any extra costs that you might incur throughout your rental. Ask whether you will be charged additional fees for setting up any cranes at your work site and clearing branches and brush so that the crane can operate safely. You might want to have your own employees prep the area so that you won't have to pay for those additional services.

With these questions in mind, you'll be able to negotiate a reasonable deal for your company when you need to rent cranes for projects. Research crane service rental companies in the neighborhood to find one that's appropriate for your business.