Repairing Your Construction Equipment On-Site

When it comes to successfully completing a construction project, access to the right machinery plays a critical role. If your heavy construction equipment breaks down, you could find yourself behind schedule. Making the choice to partner with a company that provides on-site repair services can be beneficial in reducing the amount of time that your equipment is out of service.

Here are three things that you should look for when searching for a company to provide your on-site equipment repairs in the future.

1. Look for a company with the ability to make a variety of repairs.

The completion of on-site repairs requires technicians to be able to perform a variety of tasks without the benefit of a shop filled with tools. The trucks that are used by on-site repair technicians should be versatile enough to allow the flexibility needed to make a variety of repairs.

As you look for a repair company to meet your on-site repair needs, look for a company with the ability to make simple and complex repairs. Technicians should be equipped to swap out faulty parts, diagnose engine damage, and make welds in order to get your construction equipment running as quickly as possible.

2. Look for a company with certified technicians.

If your construction equipment is still under warranty, then you won't want your on-site repairs to jeopardize the validity of each warranty.

Partnering with an on-site repair company that employs certified technicians will allow you to receive the quick repairs you need to continue moving forward with your construction project without compromising the integrity of the warranties covering your heavy machinery.

3. Look for a company that charges by project, not by the hour.

The on-site repair process can take a bit longer because technicians must think on their feet and work under adverse conditions. As a result, repair projects that are billed hourly could get quite costly.

If you want to keep your overhead costs low, then you need to partner with a repair company that charges by the project instead. This fee structure will allow you to accurately budget for the cost of equipment repairs.

When you are able to recognize the benefits that an on-site technician, like Solomon Corporation, can provide, it's easy to see why you need to make partnering with a repair company that provides on-site services a priority. Protect your heavy machinery and keep your construction project on track by looking for a company with versatile repair options, certified technicians, and a structured fee schedule.