3 Tips For A Safe Towing Experience In The Winter

If you need to tow a trailer or equipment this winter, make sure that you are prepared. You need to make sure that your vehicle is set up to handle the snow, properly load up your trailer, and keep your trailer safe when you are on the road.

Check Your Vehicle Set-Up

The first thing you need to do is check on the setup of your vehicle. You want to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the winter roads. That starts by making sure that your vehicle has the right amount of fluids and that they have been changed on time, starting with the oil and coolant. Also, make sure that your vehicle is equipped with a winter washing fluid mixture that will allow you to clean your vehicle's windshield even if it is freezing outside.

One of the most important elements to check through are your tires. Your tires should have good tread and traction left on them. Ideally, you should have winter snow tires on your vehicle that will provide you with added traction and grip as you drive. If you will be traveling anywhere that requires chains, you should make sure that you have a pair in your vehicle as well, and that you know how to put them on.

Load Up Your Trailer Properly

Second, it is even more vitally important in the winter time that you load up your trailer properly. Make sure that the load that you are carrying is distributed properly. You should have more weight on the front of your trailer than on the back. You want the load to be balanced so that it will not sway when you are driving.

Having a weight distributing trailer hitch that also has an anti-sway system built into it is a good way to make sure that you stay safe while towing this winter. More information can be found by asking companies such as El Camino Rental.

Keep Your Trailer in Control

Finally, make sure that you keep your trailer in control when you are driving. Slow down long before you need to, in order to give yourself enough space to safely stop. Always brake in a straight line and slow down before you turn; this will prevent you from jackknifing. Do not accelerate until after you complete your turns. When you pass vehicles or switch lanes, give yourself extra room to do so. Basically, drive with extra caution in order to make sure that you keep your trailer and vehicle safe.

Winter driving with a trailer is all about making sure that your vehicle and trailer are properly prepared and that you take things slow to keep things safe.