Important Personal Safety Supplies To Use On A Construction Site

If you work on a construction site, there are many hazards to account for. Doing so doesn't have to be that difficult, fortunately, if you utilize the right personal construction gear. Here are several you'll want to have every day on the job. 

Particulate Respirators 

On a construction site, there may be all sorts of particles circulating the air that can cause you to cough and hinder your effectiveness while working. You can shield your nostrils and mouth from these particles, though, by wearing a particulate respirator.

It provides your mouth and nostrils with full coverage and can safeguard them from oils, solvents, and resins. These respirators are easy to put on, as they often feature an adjustable design. You can either buy respirators that are disposable or reusable, depending on how much money you're willing to spend.

Full Brim Hard Hats 

The last thing you want to experience on a construction site is for objects to fall on your head. These serious blows can be life-threatening, which is why you always need to wear an appropriate hard hat. Full brim hard hats, in particular, can provide your head with maximum protection.

Made from a high-density polyethylene material, these hard hats will last in virtually any environment. They feature a wide profile that protects against dust, the sun, snow, and other various elements. Like respirators, they often come equipped with adjustable straps on the side to ensure you get a secure, comfortable fit.

Coated Work Gloves 

There are many materials on a construction site that are sharp. If you're required to carry them, you need to wear coated work gloves. These gloves feature thick leather with a protective coating, which effectively shields your hands from abrasions.

Even though their leather is thick, it's still extremely lightweight. You therefore have better hand mobility when working with various tools, materials, and machinery. Thanks to reinforced palm and finger sections that are textured, you'll have added grip and protection. Some coated work gloves even come equipped with knuckle guards. They are useful in protecting your hands from heavy blows from large tools and equipment.

If you work construction on a regular basis, you will naturally come in contact with some dangerous scenarios. They don't have to severely affect your life and well-being, though, if you utilize the right construction PPE (personal protection equipment). They can reduce injury and inspire confidence when completing various construction tasks. 

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