Get Answers To Your Questions About Crane Rentals

Certain jobs require the use of cranes to raise or lower heavy objects. If you need a crane to help you complete a project, you don't have to always buy your own. Renting a crane may be better than buying one, and a crane rental may save you a lot of money over buying a new one that you'll need to find a way to store after the project is complete. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that may help you decide if a crane rental is right for you.

What types of cranes are available? 

Cranes come in different styles to handle different types of jobs. A rough terrain crane may be ideal if your project site is located on rugged terrain and you need something that can handle off-road transporting. If items will be moved around in tight or awkward spaces, a carry deck crane can be a good option. Crawler cranes are good for lifting objects that weigh several hundred tons. Your crane rental provider might also offer boom trucks, AWP trucks, and high-capacity forklifts that can do much of the heavy lifting.

What is a bare crane rental?

If you choose a bare rental agreement, you'll be responsible for inspecting, maintaining, and insuring the crane that's rented to you. If you'd rather have the rental company handle many of the equipment responsibilities, an operated and maintained (OM) agreement might be a better option. 

How will my crane rental be transported to the job site?

For additional fees, the crane rental company may offer to transport the crane for you and return to reclaim the equipment after the job is finished. You can also arrange to pick up and return the equipment yourself if you have a way to transport it safely.

Will I need to obtain special permits to rent a crane?

If the company you're renting from offers to transport the crane for you, transportation permits that are needed to deliver and remove the crane from the job site will likely be obtained by the company. Other permits, such as those required by the FAA and DOT, will need to be obtained yourself. 

A crane rental can make the completion of certain jobs easier if you choose the right crane and rental company. You can check out the different crane options that are available from a provider and get more detailed information on how each option works so that you'll choose the one that's the most suitable for your project.