Electric Conduit Benders: A Comprehensive Guide

Electric conduit benders are a valuable tool for anyone who works with electrical wiring. They are fast, easy to use, and can bend conduits in a variety of shapes and angles. When used properly, electric conduit benders can help you save time and money on your electrical projects. Take a closer look at electric-powered conduit benders below, how they work, and more. 

What is an Electric Conduit Bender?

An electric conduit bender is a tool used to bend metal conduits, which is a type of hollow pipe that is used to protect electrical wires and cables. Conduit benders come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be used to bend the piping into unique shapes and angles.

Types of Electric Conduit Benders

There are two main types of electric conduit benders: hand benders and power benders. Hand benders are the most common type of conduit bender, and are used for smaller-diameter conduit. Power benders are used for larger-diameter conduits, and are powered by an electric motor.

How to Use an Electric Conduit Bender

To use an electric conduit bender, first select the correct size bender for the conduit you are using. Next, insert the conduit into the bender and tighten the chuck. Then, turn the handle of the bender and the machine will automatically bend the conduit to the desired shape or angle.

Safety Tips for Using an Electric Conduit Bender

While conduit benders are relatively easy to use, a few tips can ensure you don't accidentally injure your fingers, eyes, or otherwise. A few safety tips to remember include:

  • Always wear safety glasses when using an electric conduit bender.
  • Make sure the conduit is properly secured in the bender before bending it.
  • Do not over-bend the conduit, as this can damage it.
  • Disconnect the power to the bender before cleaning or storing it.

Advantages of Using an Electric Conduit Bender

There are several advantages to using an electric conduit bender, such as:

  • Electric conduit benders are faster and easier to use than hand benders.
  • Bend conduit in a variety of shapes and angles.
  • Electric conduit benders are more durable than hand benders.

Disadvantages of Using an Electric Conduit Bender

There are a few disadvantages to using an electric conduit bender, but most are easily negated. For example, electric conduit benders are more expensive than hand benders, but you can make up the cost due to the rate you can bend pieces and the longevity of the tool.